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World Data Congress Held a Virtual Conference on ‘Next Generation Advancement with Artificial Intelligence & Data Science’

by Analytics Insight

December 2, 2021

Speakers from reputed companies and organizations pitched their AI views at World Data Congress

On November 29, 2021, World Artificial Intelligence & Data Congress organized a conference to discuss on ‘Next generation advancement with Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Speakers from reputed companies and organizations made their viewpoints on the current and future implications of technology.

The World Data Congress event started with an introductory note. The first speaker, Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of Responsible AI Institute and Director of Data and Digital, Government of Canada, gave a curtain-raiser keynote talk on the influence of artificial intelligence.

Following this, Dr Kevin M. Coleman, Empowerment Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, CEO KMC Empowerment, USA conducted a workshop on “A Seat at the Table: Candid Conversation on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion… Are you ready to talk?” He also cleared the doubt of the attendees and gave them a complete new outlook on AI.

Other speakers of the World Data Congress- 2021 are listed as follows,

Christopher R. Salem, CEO of Business Industry Advisor, CRS Group Holdings, LLC, USA

Upendra Mardikar, Chief Security Officer of Snap Finance, Venture Capitalists, California, United States

Farah Jemili, Assistant Professor, Higher Institute of Computer Science and Telecom

With the participation of leading data scientists, researchers, C-level executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, tech champions and research scholars, the conference acted as a great platform to showcase the latest advancements and trends in AI. It also featured a comprehensive scientific program offered this year.

At the event, World Data Congress announced the winners for ‘AI & Data Excellence Awards’, who have done incredibly well in the artificial intelligence and data science circle. The recognition honours AI leaders who have contributed to the growing digital culture through their innovation and futuristic skills across industry verticals. Here is the list of trailblazing leaders who are playing a significant role in shaping the AI future.

  1. SpandanMahapatra, CTO, Tata America International Corporation from the United States
  2. David Huang, CTO, BizPay from Australia
  3. AnujAnand, CIO, Ausenco from Canada
  4. Mark Bryant, CEO, Latium Technologies from Canada
  5. Joy Waples, Agile Manager, Data & Analytics and BI, Bacardi from the United States
  6. Umesh H R, Chief Scientist – AI and Cybersecurity, Businessanalyticsr from India
  7. Van Richardson, CIO, iManage LLC from the United States
  8. Brian Gahan, CIO, GridBeyond from Ireland
  9. AnoopMuraleedharan, CTO, LogicPlum from India
  10. Ahmed Farouk, Faculty of Science, Department of Physics and Computer Science, Wilfrid Laurier University from Canada

The winners will be featured on Analytics Insight’s business magazine “Top 10 leaders in AI & Data- 2021”.

“With the aim of supporting World’s intrinsic vision for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, World Data Congress is intended to be the definitive point of interaction between academic and industrial AI & Data professionals, through their case studies, latest products, services and remarkable presentations which identify significant social, philosophical, and economic issues influencing AI’s development throughout the world,” says NidhiSinghal, Head of Events, World Data Congress.

At the end of the event, World Data Congress announced the upcoming 2nd conference, which is expected to be held on April 19 and …….


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