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Cyentia Institute Partner Wade Baker Shares Insights on Analyzing Ransomware Data

Wade Baker, partner, Cyentia Institute

Cybersecurity organizations are sitting on a treasure trove of data about ransomware attacks. Unlocking that data and analyzing it can help security teams become more prepared for future attacks, says Wade Baker, partner at Cyentia Institute.

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In a recent report, the Cyentia Institute found that in many cases, organizations know what to do but haven’t fully implemented defenses that could have a major impact on defeating threat actors. “We’ve seen organizations struggling with not necessarily having a control but implementing it, building a process around it and doing it so that it’s useful when you need it,” Baker says.

In a video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2022, Baker also discusses:

  • How to better prepare for ransomware attacks;
  • Understanding which organizations are being targeted by various groups;
  • New data on how quickly organizations are remediating vulnerabilities.

Baker is co-founder of Cyentia Institute, which focuses on improving cybersecurity knowledge and practice through data-driven research. He also is a professor in Virginia Tech’s College of Business, working to prepare the next generation of industry leaders. Baker previously held positions as vice president of strategy at ThreatConnect and was the CTO of security solutions at Verizon, where he led Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report research team.


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